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so_real_rpg's Journal

Band RPG
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Welcome to So_Real_RPG


The Four bands have been invited to celebrate their success at an old famous mansion in Long Island, New York. All four bands accept and go to have a good time. What they don't know, is that the host of the party is actually a ghost-like figure and wants each of them dead. It's a battle of life and death to see who can make it out alive. Who will live, and who will die?


Fall Out Boy
Pete Wentz
Patrick Stump
Joe Trohman
Andy Hurley
Dirty (Yes, you may use him)

Motion City Soundtrack
Jesse Johnson
Justin Pierre
Tony Thaxton
Josh Cain
Matt Taylor

30 Seconds To Mars
Jared Leto
Shannon Leto
Tomo Milicevic
Matt Watcher

Panic! At The Disco
Brendon Urie
Ryan Ross
Spencer Smith
Jon Walker


1. Each Charater must post at least one entry a week, if you can not handle that, don't join.
2. You create an AIM username for your character, AND a livejournal account.
3. There will be no fighting.
4. If you can't handle your character anymore, please let me know and I'll put them back up to be taken. Be prepared to offer up the LJ and AIM name and password to the new person.
5. If you want your character to be killed off, tell me first. I want to know because only one person from each band can die.
6. Pay attention to these rules.
7. If you want to apply for a character, you have to join and fill out the fourm at the end of this. And in the subject line, put the character you want to be.

I'm not setting any pairings in stone. You tell me who you want each character to be paired with so it is fair. You must have a pair. You can pair with other people in other bands.